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A fine assortment of BAR parts and accessories for you and yours

About us, and Contact

Hi, my name is George, and about 20 years ago I started collecting browning automatic rifle parts, accessories, belts, manuals, documents, photos, training aids, tools, and knowledge.  I have decided to thin out the collection and sell most of my duplicates and parts I no longer need.  Browse around, I'll be constantly updating, and every part you see is the part you will get. 

All items listed are from my personal collection, I'm not in business, once these are gone they are gone for good.  I've tried to keep shipping reasonable; and I'll try to get to the post office every 2 or 3 days to mail out orders.  Thanks for stopping by!

If you have interest in BAR discussion, please check it out:



If you want to contact me my personal Email is