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Complete set of M1918a2 blueprints and drawings DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Complete set of M1918a2 blueprints and drawings DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

$ 95.00

Unavailable for years, this is a COMPLETE set of drawings for the M1918a2, from the flash hider to the buttplate and everything in between.  These are digital scans, once you purchase you will be e-mailed a link with directions on how to download the files to your computer. 

Some of these drawings are from the 1930's with revisions, some are from the 1970s.  All are 'latest revision' drawings.  I attempted to get M1918 drawings and earlier revisions but came up empty handed.  My plan was to produce a machinist 'technical manual', sort of a non-end user nuts and bolts guide to the BAR and all it's parts, specs, run outs, ect.  It never materialized so I'm offering the lot as a digital download.  Many of the prints are to large to be legible on a 8.5X11 print out, some are, but if you want a hard copy take this down to your local blueprint shop and have them print it on nice 20X30 paper

These were obtained through a FOIA request and have been digitally scanned as CALS Raster (C4) files.  If you don't have a C4 reader you can download either of these 2 viewers:







I have used both readers and they are both fine and functional. (I am unaffiliated with either program and can't offer any technical support.  I can barley navigate around a computer myself and the fact that there is even a WWIIBARMAN.com is a testament to my shear stubbornness rather than my electronic savvy). 


After you check out you will be taken to a screen with a 'Download now' button, and you will also have a link to download Emailed to you