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Copy of Colt blueprint, pre-production (copy)

Copy of Colt blueprint, pre-production (copy)

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A copy of the original blueprint, this is a framed Colt factory blueprint, pre-production.  As you may well know, John Moses Browning had an agreement with Colt where Colt would produce his Automatic Pistols and Automatic Rifles.  JMB had delivered his handmade prototype BAR to Colt in Feb 1917 and Colt built 4 prototypes. 


After the US Government adopted the BAR it awarded contracts to Colt, Winchester, and Marlin-Rockwell (and bought out Colts exclusive right to manufacture Browning designs during the duration of the war for $1,000,000).  Colt, of course was not in the buisness of teaching Winchester how to built machine rifles, so instead of sharing the prints they had already drawn up from the prototype JMB delivered to Colt, in September 1917 Colt simply handed one of their 4 prototypes to Winchester FOR THE WEEKEND! 


Winchester reverse engineered the Machine Rifle and the Winchester produced drawings were adopted as the standard.  This is the drawing made 5/5/1917 in the Colt factory, and there are several notable dimensional differences between this and the bolt that went into production. 


This is a framed copy of the original print (the original print is in my collection also).  Perfect for you man cave, ready to hang up on the wall.  Print measures 17X20