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A fine assortment of BAR parts and accessories for you and yours

IBM demil, larger pieces with older style cuts

IBM demil, larger pieces with older style cuts

$ 1,250.00

For sale is one large mostly complete demilled IBM M1918a2.  Its an older demil with a large center chunk that’s been cut behind the bolt locking surface.  It has also been cut through the barrel threads so there is that too.  A rare find indeed; perfect for academic study or a skilled SOT could build it into a post sample


the small section is the barrel threads that I believe are NESA; the small section and middle sections are 90% overlapping


included is a empty buffet tube   The bolt guides and rivets have been removed.  Trigger group is only to demonstrate the size of the gap and is not included




Three important notes;


1) it is an IBM so it’s made of Armasteel.  This is cast pig iron and for all but the most skilled it is not weldable.  It can be braised and there are quite a few braised post sample BARs out there.  Strike an arc to this and it will crumble


2) this is missing aprox 1 inch of metal between the center and rear section.  If this is the basis of a post sample fabrication of filler pieces will be required


3) I don’t know if you can build a semi nor do I know anyone who can from these parts.   Right now, as is it is scrap metal.     All NFA rules apply.