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M1918a2 Dummy gun

M1918a2 Dummy gun

$ 1,995.00

Beautiful, Museam quality M1918a2 display gun.  Nice parts, mostly WWII era and set up like a WWII Production gun.  HSA 9-53 barrel, dummy steel receiver with spring loaded dummy bolt.  Ultra detailed, has faux bolt rail rivets, bolt guide, stop lever hole machined.  It has the early WWII Gas regulator and the Monopod knotch in the butt stock.  Repro (?) Kerr No-Buckle sling.  The mag has spring removed so non-functional.  top is stamped:


Browning Automatic Rifle

US CAL 30    M1918a2

MFD by GM  1943



Everything is med grey parkerized, this is the nicest M1918a2 WWII production era dummy gun I have come across, perfect for static display or living history